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When you ask for a trial, you will receive an email with a web link. There is three ways to use this link.

  1. You can download the m3u file. This file contains all channels feeds address. This files could be opened with VLC or KODI in your computer, or can be loaded in your mobile by using the IPTV Android app.
  2. You can copy/paste this link directly on VLC or KODI in your computer, or in your mobile by using the IPTV Android app.
  3. If you want to show channels on your Smart TV or using a third party device (We support Enigma, MAG 250, and 254), please send us an email to easytv@gs-selling.com with your device MAC Address.

If you have any question, we can help you setting this free trial link. just drop us an email to easytv@gs-selling.com or talk with us on our Facebook Page : https://www.facebook.com/bestiptv2017/


There are many Android Apps out there with which you can watch our Channels, we have tested them all and the best is IPTV Player.

First download MX-Player, then download IPTV Player

Open IPTV Player and click on add Playlist

Choose add URL

Type in URL (what you receive after payment or for trial) and as Name GSS

There you go you can choose your Channel and watch.

First you have to check what Smart TV you actually have. Most popular Smart TV’s right now are Samsung and LG.

Make sure your Smart TV is connected to the Internet.

There are 2 different Apps:

SS-IPTV – it is a free App, but we think their UI is not really user friendly and it is not so easy to use.

Smart IPTV App – is a paid App (€ 5,49), but we think it is easy to use and worth the money.

You can use the Tutorials for both here:

SS-IPTV Tutorials

Smart IPTV App Tutorials

  • Open Kodi (click here to install)
  • Select SYSTEM
  • Select TV (or Live TV if you are on a version lower than 15.2 and if you are then consider updating)
  • Select General
  • Select Enabled
  • You will now see a pop-up saying that you have no PVR Client enabled. Select OK
  • Scroll down and select PVR IPTV Simple Client
  • Select Enable
  • Select Configure
  • In General select M3U Play List URL
  • Copy the URL you get after payment or for your trial – and paste it into the address section highlighted in the image below and select OK
  • Select OK
  • Reboot Kodi
  • On your Home Screen you should now see TV (or Live TV if on an older version of Kodi). Open that to see the live channel list
  • The list should look like this. Select a channel for it to load and play

The PVR Simple Client should now be setup with live tv streams available.

There are many video players out there but none of them are so good and stable as VLC Media Player.

1.) Download latest VLC Media Player from here: http://www.videolan.org/vlc/

2.) Install VLC Media Player with all Extensions

3.) Open VLC Media Player

4.) Hit CTRL + N (or go to Media -> Open Network Stream..)

5.) Paste your URL that you get from us

6.) Enjoy

The MAG-Boxes are the most stable Devices for watching IPTV Channels.

1. Turn on your MAG Device

2. Once it boots up to the inner portal go to “Settings”

3. Now go to “System Settings” and select “Network” to set it up. “Auto (DHCP)” will work for most users. For wireless you need an USB adapter

4. Select “Auto update software” and set auto update to enabled. Press the green F2 button to update now. Then exit.

5. Exit out twice to “System Settings” menu and now go to Servers.

6. Click “General” and put in a timeserver. pool.ntp.org works. Use the “KB” button on your remote to bring up the on screen keyboard. This is where we fix your time. Press ok to save and then exit once back to “Servers’ menu.

7. Click “Portals” and enter your server info. There are 2 there. For “Portal 1 name” put GSS and “Portal 1 URL” is the URL what you get after Payment or for Trial.
Press ok to save and exit back twice to “System Settings” again.

8. Reboot your MAG Device.

9. After the reboot it will boot into the IPTV portal. If it loads into a TV channel or black screen press exit to see the portal page. Here you will see your TV Channels.